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Dr. Brett Louderback

Pharmacy and Healthcare Advisory Board Member


Pharmacy, Healthcare Consulting, Integrated Care Relationships, Healthcare Experience Transformation.

Dr. Brett Louderback’s Bio

Dr. Brett Louderback is a dedicated pharmacist and entrepreneur with a focus on revealing cost savings for providers & patients.

He drives value through integrated care relationships and is passionate about changing the healthcare experience.

As the owner of Louderback Drug in Madison, Dr. Brett Louderback is known for his excellent customer service and adaptability in business operations.

Education: Dr. Brett Louderback earned his Doctor of Pharmacy – PharmD from Creighton University in 2005, specializing in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Administration.

Personal Quote

“Care for the patient in front of you.”

Dr. Brett Louderback / PharmD
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Dr. Brett Louderback has been serving the community since Aug 2005 with over 18 years in the field of pharmacy in Nebraska.

He is known for his hands-on approach, preferring to interact directly with patients and customers. In addition to his role at Louderback Drug, Dr. Brett Louderback founded OpenBook Pharmacy Advisors in May 2018, offering pharmacy & healthcare consulting.

He also co-founded in Aug 2005 and betweenMD from Aug 2021 to Oct 2022.

Dr. Brett Louderback and Louderback Drug

Louderback Drug, located in Madison, Nebraska, is a community-focused pharmacy known for its excellent customer service.

Under Dr. Brett Louderback’s leadership, the drugstore has initiated programs like telemedicine and adjusted its inventory based on community needs.