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Discover BoostNow, a company dedicated to providing exceptional immune support through our expertly-formulated, all-natural supplements. Our passion for excellence and commitment to your well-being drives our mission to empower healthier lives.

BoostNow's Origin: An Independent Pharmacist's Vision

BoostNow is not just another immune-boosting supplement on the market.

It is the result of the vision and expertise of two dedicated and qualified independent pharmacists, Dr. William Fixler and Dr. Brett Louderback.

Why Boosting Immunity Became Our Mission

Driven by a passion for improving the health and well-being of individuals, Dr. Fixler and Dr. Louderback embarked on a mission to create a product that would provide effective immune support while prioritizing accessibility, affordability, and safety.

Beyond Conventional: Immune Health Reimagined

As healthcare professionals with a deep understanding of the challenges individuals face when it comes to immune health, Dr. Fixler and Dr. Louderback recognized the need for a solution that went beyond conventional approaches. Both witnessed firsthand the impact immune-related health issues had on his patients’ lives and were determined to offer them a reliable and empowering solution.

BoostNow has the combined components to amplify antioxidant activity, heighten cellular immune response suppresses free radical reactions. An outstanding addendum to a healthy lifestyle.”

Dr. Thomas R. Schneider / MD, FACS
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Crafting the BoostNow Supplement

Drawing upon their extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and the human body’s immune system, Dr. Fixler and Dr. Louderback dedicated themselves to researching and formulating a supplement that would truly make a difference. Their goal was to create a product that people could trust, one that would support their immune systems and help them lead healthier, more vibrant lives.

With unwavering commitment and a meticulous approach, Dr. Fixler and Dr. Louderback collectively and carefully selected each ingredient in the BoostNow formula. They sought out scientifically proven nutrients, vitamins, and minerals known for their immune-supporting properties. Through rigorous testing and refinement, they crafted a unique blend that would optimize immune function and overall well-being.

Personalized Care and Expertise in Immune Support

Dr. Fixler’s and Dr. Louderback’s decision to formulate BoostNow as independent pharmacists was rooted in their belief in the importance of personalized care and expert advice. By creating a supplement that could only be found in community pharmacies and through the official BoostNow website, they ensured that individuals seeking immune support would have access to the guidance of licensed pharmacists.

Strengthening Patient-Pharmacist Bonds

BoostNow’s availability exclusively through community pharmacies means that customers can benefit from the expertise and personalized advice of these healthcare professionals. This distribution model not only supports community pharmacies but also fosters a stronger connection between individuals and their trusted pharmacists. It allows customers to have their questions answered, receive tailored recommendations, and gain a deeper understanding of their immune health.


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