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At BoostNow, we are proud to introduce our Ambassador Program, an initiative that brings together passionate individuals who embody our commitment to health and wellness. Our ambassadors are not just representatives; they are advocates and believers in the power of natural supplements for a healthier lifestyle.

Who Are Our Ambassadors?

Our ambassadors are dedicated, health-conscious individuals who share our mission of promoting wellness through natural products.

They are influencers in their communities, with a genuine connection to our brand and a strong social media presence.

Their role is to inspire and educate others about the benefits of our immune support products.

What Do They Do?

  • Engagement: Our ambassadors actively engage with their communities, sharing their personal experiences and knowledge about BoostNow products.

  • Content Creation: They create authentic, relatable content, showcasing how our products fit into a healthy lifestyle.

  • Events and Promotions: They participate in events, providing a human face to our brand and promoting new products.

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Join us in this exciting journey and be a part of a community that values health and natural living!

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Alyssa Pirestani

Marketing and Health Wellness Ambassador


Brand Development, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Psychology, Public Health Education.


Alyssa Pirestani is a dynamic Marketing Specialist and an advocate for healthy living.

At the American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance, she’s honed her skills in branding, strategic marketing, and content development.

Her educational background in psychology from Orange Coast College enhances her approach to marketing, offering unique insights into consumer behavior.

Education: Alyssa is pursuing a degree in Psychology at Orange Coast College, enriching her marketing expertise with a deep understanding of human behavior.

Personal Quote

“Empowering people to make informed health choices drives my passion.”

Alyssa Pirestani​ / Marketing Specialist

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