Author BoostNow Dr. Hussam Hamoush PharmD, CSNC

Dr. Hussam Hamoush

PharmD, CSNC – Pharmacy Advisory Board Member


Clinical Pharmacy, Sports Nutrition, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Low Dose Naltrexone Titration, Topical Pain Interventions, Patient Health Advocacy, Pharmacy Management.

Dr. Hussam Hamoush’s Bio

Dr. Hussam Hamoush, a dedicated and innovative clinical pharmacist, is the owner and operator of Stonebriar Pharmacy in Frisco, Texas. He received his PharmD from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy in 2012.

Dr. Hamoush specializes in clinical pharmacy, emphasizing wellness and patient health. He has a strong commitment to patient care, as evident from his efforts during challenging times, like staying late at his pharmacy during a winter storm to ensure patient needs were met. He is also known for his proactive approach in securing medications during drug shortages.

He is passionate about sports, evident from his support of teams like FC Bayern Munich and UNC Tarheels, and his own participation in soccer. His dedication to sports extends into his professional life, where he recently earned a Certified Sports Nutrition Certification through NASM.


  • Doctor of Pharmacy, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy, 2012.
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist, NASM.
  • Licensed Clinical Pharmacist in Texas.
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  • Owner and Operator of Stonebriar Pharmacy.
  • Host of the Sports Pharmacy Podcast.
  • Former Pharmacy Manager and Supervisor at CVS.
  • Notable community involvement, including extended working hours during inclement weather and proactive measures during medication shortages.

Dr. Hussam and Stonebriar Pharmacy

At Stonebriar Pharmacy, Dr. Hamoush integrates his extensive knowledge in clinical pharmacy with a focus on wellness and patient health. He offers specialized services in hormone replacement therapy, low dose Naltrexone titration, and topical pain interventions.

His approach is patient-centric, aiming to improve overall health outcomes and quality of life.