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BoostNow on the Sports Pharmacy Podcast: A Journey of Immune Support and Entrepreneurship


In a recent episode of the Sports Pharmacy Podcast, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, Dr. Hussam Hamoush welcomed Jason from BoostNow. They dove into an engaging conversation about immune health, the story behind BoostNow, and the significance of supporting independent pharmacies.

The Genesis of BoostNow: Jason shared his journey from a self-employed entrepreneur to the creator of BoostNow. Personal health challenges in his family led him to explore preventive care, ultimately inspiring the creation of BoostNow during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This story resonates with many, highlighting the importance of proactive health management.

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BoostNow’s Unique Approach: Dr. H and Jason discussed the evolution of BoostNow’s products, emphasizing their responsiveness to customer feedback. Their commitment to creating effective, convenient products like the powder form and on-the-go packs showcases BoostNow’s dedication to meeting diverse customer needs.

EpiCor® and Its Role in BoostNow: A significant part of the discussion was dedicated to EpiCor®, a key ingredient in BoostNow. Jason explained its origin and impact on immune health, particularly its effectiveness in balancing the immune system in the gut. Dr. H’s intrigue in this natural, yeast-derived ingredient added depth to the conversation.

Supporting Independent Pharmacies: The podcast highlighted BoostNow’s commitment to partnering with independent pharmacies. Jason emphasized the vital role these pharmacies play in community health and education, aligning with BoostNow’s philosophy of direct, informed customer interaction.


Unveiling the Journey of BoostNow: From Customer Insights to Immune Health Excellence


The episode was a blend of personal storytelling, product innovation, and a shared vision for health and wellness. Listeners were invited to explore BoostNow’s offerings and to engage in the wider conversation about health on the Sports Pharmacy Podcast and through their Discord community.

Listeners interested in BoostNow’s journey and innovations can also see the unique branding touch provided by Logoela, the creators behind the BoostNow logo, symbolizing the fusion of health and innovation.

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